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About Me

Hi, my name is Karndeep Singh Kahlon I am 17 year old male living in Kitchener Ontario. I am currently pursuing my dream as developer by going to Conestoga college for IT innovation and design(year three) at this time I am looking for a co-op position to try to enhance my current programming knowledge. I excellence in team environments and have a passion for coding. I feel if you want something to get done you have to get up and get started in coding and in life.I like facing challenging problems and tackle them head on.

My Resume and Portfolio


  • Coding

    The first time I programmed in highschool I knew this was the profession for me. I have never had so much passion and pride for something so little as a flap bird game, so I decide to further develop my skills in college. In addition to my course-based programming assignments, I also enjoy developing programs for my own recreation in open source technologies, and practicing online using Code School.

  • Boxing

    Boxing has shaped me into the person I am today by teaching me discipline, maturity, and strong work ethic. I enjoy training/coaching with my family club WRBA which is non-profit organizing. I have been apart of the WRBA team for seven years and like to give back to the community by doing charitable events.

  • Football

    I have played rep soccer for the city of kitchener from U9-U21. My favorite player is Michael Ballack because I liked his passing range, powerful shot, physical strength and commanding presence in the midfield. I still enjoy playing the sport in recreation leagues as a hobby.

My Favorites Things

Color: Green

Team: Chelsea

Animal: Koala Bear

Idol: Warren Buffett



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Cellphone: 226-606-3197




Canada Ontario, Kitchener

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